These are some audio files from Ural Contest Group Contest 2009 operation. This contest is WRTC style annual competition held by UCG on the first weekend in June during first 6 hours of Region 1 Field Day. This year UCG contest was held for the 11th time since 1998.
Operators were UA9CLB and UA9CDC. We have primarily seen it as the preparation and equipment check for WRTC 2010. All participants were located along South-North line on the same field. Centers of the positions were separated by 200m to simulate adverse situation found in major contests. All participants were running 100W into 3 el Spider beams for 20-15-10 ( and inverted vee for 40m. All of the antennas were on single 10m aluminum mast. Equipment used were 2 of Elecraft K3, Microham Microkeyer II(, pare of Atom processor based netbooks and TR4W contest logger (TR4W.QRZ.RU)which is BTW excellent piece of software written by UA4WLI based on the code of old DOS based TRlog. TR4W is free.
I may put couple of more audio files later.  

UCG2009 19-20 to 20-20 Z (aprox 21 Mb)
UCG2009 17-00 to 18-20 Z (aprox 27 Mb)
UCG2009 last few minutes of the contest (14mb)


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