4Z5J -M2 - RDXC - Israel

These are some pics from 2009 RDXC operation as 4z5j M2
We have made almost 4300 QSO (claiming 18900000 points) in 24 hours using K3, FT1000MP and pair of ACOM 2000 amps. Antennas were 2 3el tribanders, 2el 40m at 20m high, Delta loop for 80m 10m high and inverted Vee with it''s apex at 15m above the ground.
Our thanks to 4X4DZ, Artur for helping with the entire organization from the very beginning, 4Z5KJ, Alex for his tremendows support with antennas, equipment, lodging etc., 4X6ZK, Moni for donating FT1000MP, general support and help around 4X4MIS club station, 4X4DK Ami, for donating ACOM 2000 and very interesting visits to his house, 4Z5LA Ruslan for donating pair of LCD monitors, help with internet connection and support, 4Z4DX Dov, 4z1uf Ilia, 4z5QQ Alex, 4Z4KX Mark and many other local Hams who helped and cared. It was so nice to make so many new friends. We will sure come back again.

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